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Graphical Multi-user Environments

January 6th, 2008 by howardj

These are also called visual chat rooms because they add graphics using virtual reality technology. Sometimes the graphics are flat and sometimes they are 3D. The user moves an avatar (graphic representation of the user) around a graphic environment, like a video game. Some environments incorporate multi-player games and others are used for educational purposes. Some will even allow the user to “build” their own spaces. Some use audio and video communications so that users can hear and see each other. Some people find these enhancements cumbersome though and prefer to chat without them.

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What is a chat room?

January 3rd, 2008 by howardj

Chat rooms, or chatrooms, are any form of communication through text messaging to people in real time. When you send a message in a chatroom, anyone who is a member of that chatroom and is online can read it and respond to it immediately. The kinds of chatrooms include Instant Relay Chat, talkers and havens. Many people began using text based chatting, or IRC, due to AOL or web chat sites. Some text-based chatrooms, called graphical user interface, even allow the user to select an identifying icon and to personalize the look of their chat environment, the screen on which they view messages.

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Phone Compatibility

October 24th, 2007 by howardj works in conjunction with your cell phone service provider. You can subscribe if you use Cingular, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Dobson, CellularOne, or Cricket. The charges are automatically billed through your cell phone provider and will be added to your monthly cell phone bill (or deducted from your pre-pay balance) automatically. You also need to make sure you have all of the required services on your phone to use for all of the things you want to do.

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September 13th, 2007 by admin

‘’ chat rooms are filled with a multitude of different types of individuals interesting in chatting. Their vast popularity gives this site a slight advantage- with their member base of over ten million users, there is always someone to chat with! In addition, because of their unique video chat system, users can video chat with other users or talk through instant messenger and email. is the only online dating service endorsed by Psychology Today®. actually conducts criminal background screenings and single dating verification.

Live video chatting allows you to see exactly who you are talking to at all times. Signing up is quick and easy and you can start chatting immediately, but best of all, ‘True’ chat rooms are completely free! Try True Chat Rooms for free

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dada |

August 16th, 2007 by admin

The easiest way to find your next date!!

In this world of wireless calling, messaging, and texting, internet websites need to keep up. What better way to do that than by going mobile? is one of the most innovative dating services on the web right now for just that reason. If you are looking for that special someone to chat with but don’t have time to spend hours on the computer in chat rooms, just go to! You can access not only on the computer, but from your mobile phone too! And with a membership of over 3 million single people of any age, sex, and sexual orientation, you are bound to meet someone who matches your needs perfectly! Find partners for casual dating, serious relationships, or even marriage all through your cell phone! There is no credit card required for sign up, so registration takes only seconds. Then you can browse through hundreds of profiles that fit your criteria. Membership on is just a low monthly price of $9.99! It works on virtually all mobile phone companies, so there is no worry that your service will not be compatible with the website. With a membership on, you are entitled to 120 text alerts and unlimited access to profiles, searches, pictures, and matchmaking tests! With this much available through your cell phone, you won’t even have to go to a computer at all! You can meet people while waiting in line, on the bus, or in the car. With, internet dating is no longer limited to the internet!

Dating that transcends both mobile and online.

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Google Talk

August 5th, 2007 by admin

     Online chat is any kind of communication that occurs over the Internet. This can range from one on one chat to text based conference to instant messaging. Many online services offer online chat and messaging, and it is easy to find these services for free. Google Talk is one of those services who offer free chat.
     Google Talk is the chat equivalent of Google’s Gmail application. It allows users to integrate real time communication into their internet experience without hassle. Google Talk is a quick download and you can instantly see which of your friends are also online and start chatting with them. By using the Google Talk client you can even make voice calls and transfer files to your friends! The PC to PC calls are free, and you can also send and receive voicemails from other Google Talk members. In addition to this, Google Talk users can transfer unlimited files and folders and receive chat and email notifications in their inbox. Google Talk automatically logs chats in Gmail for future reference, and allows you to personalize your homepage any way you’d like.

Top Sites: is the Google Talk website has even more information and FAQs about Google Talk has reviews and downloads of Google Talk

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Yahoo Chat

August 4th, 2007 by admin

     Online chat is any kind of communication that occurs over the Internet. This can range from on one on chat to text based conference to instant messaging. Many online services offer online chat and messaging, and it is easy to find these services for free. Yahoo chat is one of those services who offer free chat.
     Using Yahoo chat you can chat one on one with friends and join chat rooms to meet new people. You can also take advantage of Yahoo’s video chat feature, as well as their unlimited emoticons, avatars, and audibles. Yahoo also offers many great features, such as allowing users to share files up to 1GB in size! Also, users can listen to the Launchcast radio and browse through dozens of free web radio stations, and even create their own! Members can also use stealth settings to chose who they talk to by appearing online to some, and offline to everyone else. Lastly, Yahoo chat is very easy to customize. You can personalize your Yahoo world with avatars, emoticons, audibles, custom sounds and ringtones, and many more customization options!

Top Sites is the Yahoo chat website has reviews and downloads of Yahoo chat.

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Chat Room Safety

August 2nd, 2007 by admin

     Chatting online is a great way to meet new people and open your eyes to new things, but it can also be dangerous if you do not take the right precautions. Some dangers that occur in chat rooms include identity theft, viruses and Trojans horses, and other physical crimes. Knowing how to safely chat online is important so you can have fun chatting without worrying about the dangers!
    The first precaution you should take is to never give out your real name or information in the chat room, for this is an easy way for predators to steal your identity. Also, always use moderated chat rooms and log your chat files, so incase something happens you know you are protected. Also, never open any email or instant message attachments that people send you. These can contain Trojan horses and viruses that allow predators to attack your computer. When opening files make sure to first run a virus scan on the attachment to make sure it is clean. Lastly and most importantly, never meet anyone you meet online in person without extreme precautions. Make sure to get a picture ahead of time so you know who you are looking for. You should always meet in a public place, and bring a friend because you never know if the person you are meeting is who he says he is. Using these few precautions when chatting online can make your experience much easier!

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Free Chat Rooms

August 2nd, 2007 by admin

Chat rooms can be a great place for adults and singles to meet people and discover new ideas. But many chat rooms are expensive and people may not want to pay much money for a simple chat. Many online services offer online chat and messaging, and it is easy to find these services for free. One of the most common forms of chat occurs in the chat rooms in which member can communicate with each other simultaneously.
People may go to a chat room to chat about a certain subject, or may go just to talk to others. By signing into a chat room, you chose a name that people can see you by. Many free chat rooms offer the same features as paid chat rooms, for no charge! For this reason, it is important to search for a good chat room for free! There are many different kinds of chats that you may wish to try. You can find a chat room for almost any topic imaginable, and even find chat rooms that act as support groups! Whether you want a chat room to talk about your anxiety disorder or your alcoholism, or just want to talk about current events or meet other singles in your area, there is a chat room out there for you!

Go to to find top listed free online chatting and dating sites!

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Chat Room

July 31st, 2007 by admin

A room in which people can go to participate in web based text interaction. This is fast moving and good for social interaction, group meetings, or one on one sessions. A room in which people can go to participate in web based text interaction.

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