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August 7th, 2007 by admin

      Are you looking for someone to text at night when you’re bored? Are you looking to meet new lesbians in your area? If you answered yes, then lesbian text chat is right for you! It’s very simple to do; simply use your phone to text a provider such as ‘Play Date.’ This provider will give you a profile and the names of other interested girls in your area. It is up to you whether you contact anyone, or whether you respond to anyone who has texted you first. If you like chat rooms, you will definitely love lesbian text chatting. Using this service you can talk to all your friends at once, straight from your wireless phone!
      Get lesbian text chat and chat anytime, anywhere to great girls in your area! You can even create public and private chat rooms in which you can chat with many girls at once. Text chat allows you to sign up easily, and instantly start chatting to find other great people. Signing up is easy- All you need is your cell phone and a few minutes to spare. And best of all, you don’t have t o worry about privacy. Your real number is never given out to anyone, only a unique code. And, if you do not wish to receive messages from a certain person anymore, you can block that person’s code from contacting you ever again. You are sure to enjoy this fun lesbian text chat facility!

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