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Google Talk

August 5th, 2007 by admin

     Online chat is any kind of communication that occurs over the Internet. This can range from one on one chat to text based conference to instant messaging. Many online services offer online chat and messaging, and it is easy to find these services for free. Google Talk is one of those services who offer free chat.
     Google Talk is the chat equivalent of Google’s Gmail application. It allows users to integrate real time communication into their internet experience without hassle. Google Talk is a quick download and you can instantly see which of your friends are also online and start chatting with them. By using the Google Talk client you can even make voice calls and transfer files to your friends! The PC to PC calls are free, and you can also send and receive voicemails from other Google Talk members. In addition to this, Google Talk users can transfer unlimited files and folders and receive chat and email notifications in their inbox. Google Talk automatically logs chats in Gmail for future reference, and allows you to personalize your homepage any way you’d like.

Top Sites: is the Google Talk website has even more information and FAQs about Google Talk has reviews and downloads of Google Talk

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