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August 16th, 2007 by admin

     AIM, also known as AOL Instant Messenger, is a chat software made produced by AOL. It is the most popular chat and instant messaging system, and is used by people throughout the world. In addition to just chatting on aim, users can direct connect with each other and send files such as pictures, videos, music, and any other type of file they wish. Users can also create a personalized profile for others to see, and chose a buddy icon that best fits them. Users can also apply an AIM expression, which adds a theme to their buddy list, IM window, and buddy icon. Newer versions of aim also include tabbed IM windows, which provide organization when talking to many people at once. Users can also put up an away message which tells other users where they are or what they are doing when they are away from their computer.
     If for any reason you cannot download AIM onto your computer, whether it is because your computer cannot run it, or if you are on a shared or work computer, you can download AIM express. This online version of aim runs in your web browser and is intended for those who are unable to install AIM but still wish to chat. AIM express supports many standard features, but does not have many of AIM’s advanced features such as direct connection and buddy icon choices.

Go to to learn more about AIM and download the software for your computer.

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